7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Exhibition Stand Builder


The exhibitions and trade shows are perfect marketing channels. They help you to connect with new customers, earn a high profit, spread brand awareness, grow the reputation of the brand, gain the trust of people. But, participation in exhibitions or trade shows needs a huge amount of investment. Therefore, it is vital to prepare your budget and then plan everything accordingly.

The exhibition stand is one of the biggest investments while participating in exhibitions or trade shows. You must hire an experienced exhibition stand builders. These professionals can design a stunning exhibition stands. Hiring the exhibition stand builders is a cost-efficient method.

Here, in this post, we will discuss various questions that you should ask from the exhibition stand builder before hiring one.

1. How Does The Exhibition Stand Will look?

Before you proceed further, you should ask the exhibition stand contractor how your stand will look like. The answer to this question will save you from disaster and disappointment as well. The renowned exhibition stand contractors have a good team of professionals and they are capable to build the right exhibition stand.

Once you know how your exhibition stand will like, then you can ask them to do little alteration so that you get only the desired results. You should ensure that the design of your exhibition stand is as per your brand values and beliefs.

You can ask the stand contractor to offer 3D mockups or 2D sketches. When you get 2D sketches or 3D mockups, you can ensure that the construction process is going on as per expectations. This will help you to get the perfect exhibition stand such as exhibition stands UK.

2. How To Get Updated With Daily Construction Process?

You should keep your eye on the entire construction process. You should ask your exhibition stand builder how you will get updated about the exhibition stand construction process. If they allow you to visit their office anytime, then they are the best contractors. You should hire them immediately.

3. How You Will Integrate Latest Technology Gadgets?

The exhibition stands without the latest technology gadgets that are not capable to create a buzz. Therefore, it is important to make sure that whether they are going to integrate the latest technology gadgets in your exhibition stand.

Also, you should ask them how they will integrate different technology gadgets in your trade booth. You should ensure that the exhibition stand contractor is offering audio and video services for your booth. For example, large scale display screens, microphones, etc. 

4. What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Exhibition Stand?

The experienced exhibition stand contractors can tell you what kind of results you can expect from this type of exhibition stand. The renowned contractor will do case studies and collect data from previous successful exhibition stands.

exhibition stand designer

You must ask them to design an exhibition stand that can drive a huge volume of traffic. The good exhibition design can derive great desired results.  Make sure that the exhibition stand contractor listens to your brand values and your objectives so that he can build the right exhibition stand.

5. What Should In Rely You? 

You should ask them “why should I hire you?”. This question will let you know about the achievement of the exhibition stand builder. They will tell you their reputation, client chain and years of experience. You should also tell them to show the testimonials and reviews of their previous clients.

Also, ask them to show the previous exhibition stand designs that were quite successful. Do they earn any awards or trophies for designing outstanding exhibition stand? Once you get the answer to all these questions, you will be able to make the right decision. You can choose the best exhibition stand contractor such as stand designers UK.

6. Do You Rely On Outsourced Companies?

If the exhibition stand contractor relies on outsourced companies for some of the parts of the exhibition stand, then look for another one. It is good to hire these contractors who prefer to complete each and every construction process in-house.

They do not rely on outsourced companies. You should hire a company whom you can trust blindly. When your exhibition stand is not constructed in-house, then it becomes difficult to keep check the quality of your exhibition stand.

7. Can I Ask Any Question During Construction Process?

This is a very important question to ask from your exhibition stand contractor. It is really frustrating to get no answer in between the exhibition stand construction process. The renowned exhibition stand contractor will assign a dedicated manager who will act as a bridge. You can ask any question and get an answer from the manager.

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