About Us


We Can Know website is owned by a family who is devoted to serve God. It is a non-profit organization began in 2007 with the express purpose of sending the Christian Gospel into the world. The ministry only survived with the support of and gifts from its listeners and readers. The family who founded the ministry have members who are full time volunteers. They do not receive salaries or other financial compensation.

We Can Know ministry has an intense desire to be altogether faithful to the teachings of the Bible, both in conduct and in the Biblical messages it sends into the world. Therefore, the organization set out by doing the teachings of the bible in every town and releasing free bible books using the Internet. Said books are constantly reviewed to make certain that the messages being sent are faithful to the Bible. At We Can Know ministry, we certainly teach that the whole bible is the word of God. We believe that every word was from the mouth of God, and consequently, is never to be revised and must be obeyed by all of us.

Therefore, We Can Know ministry continues to deliver the true Gospel of God throughout the world by teaching in every town and giving free bible books through the internet. We know that the Internet now can reach easily by millions if not billions of people, especially the young ones. We encourage you to carefully read the Bible and pray for obedience to the Word of God.

We Can Know ministry is asking you a little favor to support our mission and make it possible with any help you can give. We are thankful for giving your time to read the messages of God here in our website. We look forward to your next visit here.