Best 7 Cities in India to Live and Work in 2020


India is one of the stunning countries in the globe where you could find an appropriate fusion of humans with unique cultures. Life in India may be happy, colourful, hard, annoying however in no way uninteresting. As India is having 29 states, every state has its very own significance.

Today, in this article you will come to recognize approximately 12 of the satisfactory cities to live and work in India. Whether it’s far robust infrastructure, sustainable development or simply boosting the financial system, these mega-cities carry out proficiently and provide you with the first-rate residence to live in an excellent activity opportunity as properly.  

1. Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai metropolis is popularly recognized with numerous nicknames like ‘The Dream City’, ‘Land of Bollywood’, ‘Financial capital of India’ and plenty more. This city is marked for each i.e. Industrial in addition to enjoyment capital of India. It has the very best quantity of wealthiest people in India.

With the best GDP, slums and heavy site visitors, the town offers excellent basic amenities for the dwellers, which include easy water, transportation, infrastructure, instructional institutes, healthcare centres and enterprise opportunities. From avenue shopping, smooth delivery availability, quite parks, serene marine power to nice nightlife, Mumbai is the best place to live and paintings in India.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

2. Pune, Maharashtra

With the first-rate educational facilities and IT hub, Pune has an impressive way of life for children. The city has an in-depth variety of high-quality eating places, historic sites, funky nightlife and a smooth atmosphere. If you are an adventure lover then Pune has directly got right of entry to the extremely good outside which you can revel in to laugh at your life. Pune gives you an extraordinary blend of universities, palaces, ashrams, museums and IT groups.

You want to spend wisely when you are residing in Pune in any other case, it can position a large hollow to your pocket however the metropolis gives a few first-rate process opportunities.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

For the biggest IT hub in India. The lifestyles in Bangalore is perfect in itself with matchless work-life stability, shopping, leisure, journey, meals, artwork & culture and closing however no longer the least, the great climate.

3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Chennai is one of the favourite cities to stay and work. It is likewise a popular traveller place. Being an IT hub, the town is likewise well-known for its particular subculture, passion fortune, temples, seashores, and severe warm weather.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

The night time life is also very attractive for kids. You can find many pubs and bars with remarkable track played on rock and metal. Chennai is considered to be the most secure places to stay and work due to being much less crowded place while as compared to other towns.

4. Kolkata, West Bengal

If you are making plans to calm down in India, permit Kolkata to be a priority among others as this metropolis permits you to live a modest lifestyle. You will be astonished to look at the magnificent structure of historical monuments. The metropolis has lavish meals, beautiful architectures, particular culture and remarkable humans.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

In this town, the entirety is available at an affordable price from clothes to transportation and from lodging to food. Also, the town is renowned for its lifestyle and history that amplify to even cinemas. If you’re a large devotee you then would like the ancient temples right here which have considerable magnificence. 

5. Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi is one of the popular destinations for the vacationer. The previous year, the city was ranked at the seventh position for the great place to stay and work in India. The town has numerous ancient monuments, malls, journey parks, shopping region, consuming points, garden and plenty greater.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

It is one of the busy city in India and the largest industrial city in northern India. If you are making plans to stay in New Delhi then get equipped to discover something new and extra.

6. Jaipur, Rajasthan

The town is also referred to as ‘Pink City’ and it is the satisfactory region to live in India for heritage admirer. Also, it’s far each visitor’s pleasure. The metropolis has solid historic historical past of Rajput tale and offers a beautiful view of forts and palaces with an expansion of shopping options.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

It isn’t always that much-crowded location and gives you sheer tranquilly inside the lap of nature.  However, the town doesn’t provide top process opportunities and stunning nightlife, in case you want to be simply yourself and faraway from social life then Jaipur is the first-rate alternative for you.

7. Kochi, Kerala

Kochi is located on seaside-aspect and it is one of the lovely sea-side towns in India. One can notice a cluster of small islands and peninsulas alongside the non-violent shore of the Arabian Sea in Kochi. The town is likewise popular amongst tourists and locals. You can stay a modern-day lifestyle in this metropolitan town which is also well-known for trade middle.

Top Cities to Live and Work in India up to date on 2020

You can enjoy a brand new segment of shopping in Kochi where you will get stylish clean rings crafted with a combination of traditional vibe and current technique. It offers exceptional connectivity to seaport and airport and also acknowledged for its metro services.

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