Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website. We know that a lot of you have queries about our organization. Hence, see below some of your questions that we already answered. We hope that you will find this section useful as you browse through the We Can Know website.

Are you part of any religious group that is spreading the wrong gospel?
We Can Know volunteers are all Catholics but we can assure you that we are spreading the word of God according to the Bible. We don’t alter what the scripture said, we only obey and spread it as much as we can.

Can I get a free printed bible book and not the one in the internet?
Luckily, you can have the printed version of the bible book. If you really want to get one, just send us message and we will have it delivered to you. You will only pay the shipping fee, as We Can Know ministry doesn’t have any capability to pay for anything. We only survived with the help of readers.

Can I give a you a call and make an appointment for you to give us teaching lessons about the bible in our town? If yes, how much do I pay for it?
Yes, you can message us anytime so we can schedule your appointment. But, we will schedule it in nearby areas as well to maximize our presence. We Can Know ministry is not accepting any payment for our services as we are devoted in what we are doing to serve God.

Do you have any volunteers in every country to perform your mission?
Sad to say that we do not have any volunteers in other countries. But, we are trying to grow our ministry so always check back for updates.