Going Back to God with the Help of the Holy Bible

When it comes to faith in God, many of us are not that committed. Others go astray, they prefer to commit with God than to stay faithful and adhere to his words. The world we live in right now is submerged in sins.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to go back to God. How can we do that? How do you turn back to your faith in God? Simple, just unlock the Holy Bible. Read it every day and reflect on the word of God. Follow and apply it to your every day lives, always walk with Him.

God is holding us back from doing all the things we want to do, because he is just keeping us from doing something that would bring a far greater punishment. But if you insist to rebel against such restraint, our dear God pulls back His hand and allows you and those sinners to fall as deeply as you want. Some people tell God that they don’t want any part of Him, they want God to go away and leave them alone. God will be fine with that.

And what do you think happens to the people who decide to turn Him down, that they no longer want to be servants of the Almighty God? What happens to the people who want the freedom to indulge in every sin and every vice they can imagine? They will become the objects of God’s wrath. And they will experience “the horrible enslavement of the freedom they desire.” But can’t you see, when we think of God’s wrath, we think of things being destroyed.

So, turn back to God, repent, read the bible and reflect on the fact that the most important is to obey and follow Him. Spread the word of God to mankind and take the lead towards him.