Shared Hosting Vs. WordPress Hosting: Which Option Is Best For You


When creating a website, choosing the best hosting plan is one of the best decisions one can ever make. In order to make your website to be available online, you’ll need the best host plan if you use a platform like Word Press. If you are a first-time website owner, then Word Press hosting and shared hosting are the most popular choices for you. In this post, we help you figure out which is the best hosting plan for your website.

Before choosing the hosting plan, you have to sure whether it’s ideally suited to your needs and influence your website’s earnings. Every hosting planis different from one another in terms of benefits and price.  Let us discuss the two different kinds of hosting (shared and word press hosting) advantages and disadvantages and compare both to understand which is suitable for your website.

Shared Hosting is most popular with smaller websites and blogs, and it’s a low-cost hosting plan where your account share spaces with other sites on the same server. Moreover, it’s user-friendly, and if your website does not need a huge amount of resources, shared hosting can be the best solution for your needs.

Word Press Hosting means that the server comes optimized, and it allows you to concentrate on your content while it handles all technical server details. It is known for its increased security, high speed, and reliability.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular types of hosting not only because of the affordable price but also its features. When compare with other hosting providers, it offers unlimited storage space, even for large websites. Shared hosting can store everything.

It’s not restricted to Word Press CMS unlike Word Press hosting; however, shared hosting allows you to use any CMS. And its support web development software and almost all content management systems. Shared hosting is well known for its low cost, and it’s making it the most common hosting for all websites.

Advantages of Word Press Hosting

Word press hosting can be optimized to allow for advanced server caching and bring a whole new level of performance to your website. Also, it supports your website to perform at a possible high speed. Besides, speed optimization can develop SEO, and it leads to improve and boost your ranking on Google. When your rank increased, your website can be easily found by many more people.

To manage and run a successful website, you have to keep your online home updated.  Word Press hosting offers auto-updates and better security to ensure that you worry less about your website.  Moreover, it generally offers free automatic backups when your website faces unexpected problems. This stress-free feature make is stand out from other hosting plans.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

As mentioned before, Shared Hosting can host many websites on one server that can affect the overall resources and speed of your website. When your website gets high ranking, it goes viral, and you will receive a huge traffic spike. Due to sharing the resources, your website may face long load times, and it leads to downtime.

word press Hosting Vs Shared Hosting

Another disadvantage of shared hosting is security because your website is on with many other websites, and there is no guarantee that all security updates have been run across all websites. And it’s a big problem because you cannot manage other’s website security. Shared hosting does not allow server customization, so you have to use the default server settings organized by your hosting company.

Disadvantages of Word Press Hosting

As mentioned before, word press hosting is restricted to only hosting websites that build with Word Press content management system. So, any other CMS cannot be able to host on the word press hosting. It has so many other restrictions, including restricts to use the overall amount of disk space, number of websites that you host on your account, and restricts server customization. It is a big disadvantage if you have a website in a large size. When compared to Shared Hosting, word press hosting is typically cost more.

Which is Best For You?

Shared hosting is the best choice if you want your website live and available for visitors to view. It is one of the most affordable hostings in the market and the best option for your small websites.

On the other side, word press hosting also has some advantages, and you can consider this when you select the web hosting. It’s known for its high speed and enhanced security features, which make it stand out from shared hosting in many areas.

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