To Know About User-Generated Content And How Marketers Are Using It?


The content is the most critical part of any marketing campaign in this digital world where billions of users are daily spending hours on social media for content consumption.

Brands and marketers are constantly making efforts to create & distribute content that can attract & engage maximum possible users to their digital storefronts.

The challenge is that consumers want trustworthy & credible content to engage and not the branded content so to overcome this challenge brands & marketer’s have found solace in user-generated content.

But you might be wondering what is it and how users’ created content can share back to them. Well! This blog will provide all the necessary details around user-generated content marketing.

What Is User-Generated Content?

        User-generated content is any form of content that has been created by the user’s mainly social media users and then shared by them on these social and digital platforms.

The user-generated content relates to marketing as when users share their ideas, experiences, opinions, reviews, etc. about a brand or its products/services in the form of content.

It is highly regarded in marketing as the UGC is highly reliable, trustworthy, and authentic form of content that is driven by the real people based on their real experiences.

Billions of people daily create a massive amount of content and share it on digital platforms that brands can leverage in their brand building & growth efforts.

Benefits Of User-Generated Content For Marketing

1. Building Trust & Reliability

          It is important for marketers to build brand trust and reliability among the users so that the users are not hesitant to engage and buy from their brand.

UGC helps in building that trust & reliability as it highlights the experiences and reviews of existing customers of the brand. So, when the exisiting customers say that they love your products & provide credibility, it creates a sense of trust & reliability among the no-customers.

2. Showcase Brand Advocacy & Loyalty

          Brand advocacy and loyalty has been diminishing in recent years as the competition has increased but UGC can help immensely in guiding brand loyalty through brand advocacy.

People won’t believe the branded content due to its biasness but UGC will perfectly highlight how customers are being the advocates of brand quality & image.

This advocacy will showcase brand loyalty of these customers towards the brand thereby creating brand desirability among non-consumers for the brand.

3. Increase User Engagement

          User engagement can probably be understood as the most crucial metric that defines the success of any digital marketing campaign. Thus, to get maximum engagement, it requires having engaging, intriguing, and informative content.

User-generated content becomes the perfect solution as it is hugely diverse but at the same time relatable to the users as it is shared by similar users along with entertainment & necessary information.

Thus, users tend to engage more with the content and the validation to this is the fact that UGC increase user engagement by ⅓ comparatively.

4. Boost Sales & Revenue

          The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to gain maximum sales and maximize revenue possibilities. If the content is trustworthy, authentic and engaging then it can help in achieving these goals.

User-generated content provides a realistic picture of what a brand really is, the quality of their products & servcies, the customer experiences, and much more. These elements are the metrics on which a users makes their decision and turns into a customers.

More so, it is said that ads with UGC get 5 times more click-through rate and 9 out of 10 people trust UGC to make their onling buying decisions.

5. Effective & Efficient Content Hub

          Content is the constant need for any marketing campaign or social media activities of any brand. So, content creation is a constant task too but the requires huge time and resources investments.

This investment affects the efficiency of the campaign and branded content anyway is not that effective in gaining outcomes comparatively.

To Know About User-generated Content

Whereas UGC is available immediately that too without any huge investments and the content is engaging and original. Also, UGC is unique & a fresh flow is constantly available.

How to Create UGC Campaign

          The best solution nowadays for creating & executing a UGC marketing campaign is to leverage UGC platform (user-generated content platform)

UGC platform helps in discovery and collection of content from social media & digital platforms through hashtags, handles, profile, channel, pages, etc. into a feed.

You can then display this feed as your UGC marketing campaigns across channels like events, digital signage’s, websites, social media, emails, outdoor advertising, etc.

The platform also lets you customize your feed into a creative and attractive UGC marketing campaign with beautiful themes, fonts, design elements, and much more.

Also, you can easily moderate the content quality & remove irrelevant content. Besides, you also get real-time content updates, UGC rights management, sponsorship possibilities, branding functionalities, measure performance through analytics, etc.

The UGC platform is an all-in-one solution to aggregating your hashtag campaigns, content management, etc. and create an amazing UGC campaign.

        The UGC marketing has seen a major push in recent past with more and more global brands making investments into user-generated content generation & campaigns.

Brands like Apple, GoPro, Under Armour, Starbucks, etc. have constantly been active to leverage UGC in their marketing campaigns and this has proven hugely beneficial for such brands.

Now, it is your responsibility to get started with your UGC campaign and uncover the possibilities that we have listed above & more to drive your brand growth and success

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